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Learning Pathway: In Schools

AI for Teachers

AI for Teachers is a course that teaches educators how to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their classrooms. The course covers topics such as AI-powered tools for teaching and learning, AI-based assessment and evaluation, and AI-assisted personalised learning. Attendees will learn how to use AI to enhance their teaching practices and improve student outcomes. The course is hands-on and practical. It is designed for teachers of all levels and backgrounds, and no prior knowledge of AI is required.

COST:  $140 per person, group discounts available.

DELIVERY: Online (facilitated)


Learning Outcomes

Understand the Basics of AI

Gain a foundational understanding of how AI works and its potential impact on education.

Integration Skills

Learn to seamlessly integrate AI tools into daily operations, enhancing efficiency and workplace innovation.

Utilise AI Effectively

Gain practical skills in utilising AI to automate routine tasks and generate innovative ideas.

Boost Work Quality

Discover strategies to use AI to significantly improve the quality of your work output.

Identify Ethical Considerations

Learn about the ethical implications of using AI in education, including data privacy and the responsible use of technology.

Innovation Through AI

Cultivate a mindset that uses AI as a partner in developing new approaches and solutions to complex challenges.