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Learning Pathway: Building Digital Confidence

Partner with AI to find your Dream Job

Learn how digital proficiency can set you apart in the job market. This focus session teaches you how to use digital tools to build a compelling online presence and network effectively, increasing your visibility to potential employers.  Learn how to utilise AI and large language models to create a customised CV and cover letter, manage the job search process, prepare for interviews and develop your skillset to land your perfect role.

This course is designed to help you create a CV, job search strategy and resources in one focus day.  It starts with a virtual facilitated learning block (9.30am-11am), and is followed by a self-directed independent session applying those learnings to your context. (11am-4pm), The day closes with a second virtual facilitated review session where you can seek feedback and address any questions you might have (4pm-5pm)

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COST:  $120 per person

DELIVERY: Online (facilitated and self directed)

DURATION:  9.30am – 5pm  (Facilitated sessions 9.30am -11am, 4pm-5pm)

“This course has given me much more confidence in applying and feeling like I am putting my best self forward for roles. I feel like I am ahead of the curve now and able to apply for roles so much faster!”
Julie Reddish
Head of People and Culture
"Who knew AI was so clever!! I spent the morning learning all things CV and AI and then the afternoon using what I'd learnt to make my CV look and feel more professional. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to update their CV and to gain help applying for jobs. "
Trudi Harding
Delivery Specialist

Learning Outcomes

Job Application in Today’s Market

Understand what a good job application looks like in todays market.

Get Familiar with AI

Learn how to interact with AI and get familiar with core terms you will hear as you develop your understanding of AI.

Customising documents with AI

Develop the core skills needed to utilise AI models to create, edit and manage documents.

Hands-on application

Create your own job search resources and strategy.

Interview Preparation

Gain insights on preparing for job interviews using digital resources, including how to respond effectively to common questions and present yourself confidently.

Skillset Development

Identify and leverage opportunities for skill development to meet the demands of the job you aim for, enhancing your employability and career prospects.