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Assume the role of a job search coach with over 20 years-experience 

I’m interviewing for the {role} at {organisation}  

Role description below

Your task is to conduct detailed research and return the following: 

  1. {Organisation} core business model (how they make money) 
  2. Their top 3 competitors and how {organisation} products are differentiated 
  3. Specific tips for candidates applying for the {role}

Role = product marketing manager  

Organisation = CRC Industries New Zealand

Provide a 150 word summary to describe Value 32, the services and workshops that it delivers. This is its website that you can review for context.

How can ChatGPT 4o help me Prepare for Interviews?

Skills development with AI

Attached is a copy of my {Role CV} CV and a Copy of a {Desired Role} role description, create a summary of how well my skills match the skills needed in the role description. Identify what skills I would need to develop and create an action plan for developing those skills. provide links to locations where I could develop these skills. 

Role CV = Product Marketing Manager

Desired Role = product marketing Manager

Attach CV

Attach role description

Expand with more options to develop skills for {skill}

Provide cost for each option

Skill = <enter the desired skill>

The following resource from Careers New Zealand contains relevant information 

I am applying for IT Business Analyst roles.  See attached job description

I have also  attached is a copy of my CV.  

Based on the Career New Zealand website and role I am applying for analyse my CV and give me 10 specific recommendation on how I can tailor my CV for the target role. Be as detailed as possible, lets think step by step

Attach CV

Attach copy of job description

You are an expert resume writer with over 20 years of experience.  I will share a bullet point I have on my resume. 

Your task is to rewrite the bullet point using this structure:  I accomplished X by the measure of Y that resulted in z”

Use compelling language and keep the bullet point within 50 words.  Here is my bullet point  


Below are five job descriptions extract the relevant keywords and list them in order of relevance.

*note: Keywords are used by ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

Assume the role of a career coach with over 20 years of experience

I will share my CV below, and your task is to generate an eye-catching linkedin headline for my linkedin profile.  

Use this headline template: I make {activity/task} easy for everyone.  Keep the headline within 100 words, give me three options.  

Additional Resources


Example: Teal