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Learning and Development

We help knowledge workers

to achieve competence and confidence in the use of digital tools in the workplace

so that they can

partner with technology and thrive personally and professionally.


Small Group Coaching

We empower small groups to master digital tools, fostering competence and confidence. Our coaching helps integrate technology seamlessly into daily operations, enabling businesses to thrive both personally and professionally. Partner with us to navigate the digital landscape and achieve sustainable growth and success.

Learning and Development

We empower knowledge workers to master digital tools, fostering confidence and competence. Our practical workshops offer hands-on experience, tailored to your business context. Partner with us to seamlessly integrate technology into daily operations, enabling your entire organisation to thrive personally and professionally in the digital landscape.

"I must commend the remarkable work of the team at Value32. Through their expert guidance, my fellow workshop participants and I swiftly familiarised ourselves with cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini, among others. Within a mere two-hour timeframe, we seamlessly navigated through tasks that previously seemed daunting, effortlessly integrating AI into our workflows."
Rebecca Cassam
Program Manager


Working Together with AI

Partner with AI to find Dream Job

Advanced AI Tools for Teachers

Customise Your Workflow with AI

Content Creation with AI

Robotics and Coding Explorers

AI-Enhance Study Skills


Increase Efficiency

Automates repetitive tasks, reducing the time and effort required for manual processes.

Enhanced Accuracy

Minimises human errors, ensuring more reliable and precise outcomes.

Cost Savings

Reduces operational costs by streamlining workflows and cutting down on labour expenses.

Consistent Quality

Ensures consistent execution of tasks, maintaining high-quality standards across operations.

Higher Job Satisfaction

AI frees employees from repetitive work, leading to higher job satisfaction and morale.

Better Decision Making

Provides real-time data analysis and insights, supporting informed decision-making processes.