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Streamlining Email Management to Focus on Complex Tasks


In today’s fast-paced digital world, managing emails can become a time-consuming chore that hinders productivity. Many professionals find themselves spending hours each day reviewing and replying to emails, leaving less time for more complex and strategic tasks. As a Digital and AI coach, I understand the importance of optimising workflow and leveraging technology to achieve better efficiency. This blog post explores how AI can help you spend less time on emails and more on tasks that require your expertise and creativity. 

The Challenge 

Emails are an integral part of professional communication, but they can easily become overwhelming. Sorting through spam, identifying important messages, and crafting thoughtful replies are just a few of the tasks that can eat into your valuable time. The goal is to streamline these processes using AI tools so you can reclaim your time for higher-priority activities. 

The Solution: AI-Powered Email Management 

AI has made significant strides in recent years, offering robust solutions for email management. By integrating AI tools into your email workflow, you can automate routine tasks, prioritise important messages, and even draft responses. Here, we’ll look at two specific examples of AI tools that can transform how you handle emails. 

Example 1: SaneBox – Smart Email Filtering and Prioritisation   Overview 

SaneBox is an AI-driven email management tool that helps you regain control of your inbox. It works with your existing email provider to filter unimportant emails out of your inbox, allowing you to focus on what matters most. 

How It Works 

  1. Intelligent Filtering: SaneBox analyzes your email habits and automatically sorts incoming messages into different folders. Important emails stay in your inbox, while less critical ones are moved to a separate folder, such as “SaneLater.” 

  2. Custom Training: You can train SaneBox by dragging emails to the appropriate folders, and it will learn your preferences over time. 

  3. Digest Emails: SaneBox provides a daily digest of all filtered emails, so you can review them at your convenience. 


  • Time Savings: By reducing the number of emails in your primary inbox, SaneBox helps you focus on critical messages. 

  • Customisation: The more you use SaneBox, the better it gets at understanding your preferences, making it highly personalised. 

  • Spam Reduction: It significantly cuts down on spam and unimportant emails, which can be a major time sink. 

Disadvantages and Considerations 

  • Learning Curve: There may be a short learning period where you need to train SaneBox to recognise your preferences accurately. 

  • Privacy: A company policy or a service agreement may need updating to allow confidential business emails to be added into an external AI model.

  • Cost: SaneBox offers a tiered pricing model starting at $7/month. While the cost is relatively low, it’s an additional expense to consider. 

Related Costs  (COSTS IN USD) 

  • Basic Plan: $7/month 

  • Professional Plan: $12/month (additional features like advanced filtering and priority support) 

  • Business Plan: $36/month (team management features) 

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Example 2: Grammarly – AI-Powered Writing Assistant Overview 

Grammarly is widely known as a writing assistant, but its capabilities extend to email management. By integrating Grammarly with your email client, you can automate proofreading and enhance the quality of your responses without spending excessive time on each email. 

How It Works 

  1. Real-Time Writing Suggestions: Grammarly provides real-time suggestions for grammar, punctuation, and style as you write your emails. 

  2. Tone Detection: It helps ensure that your emails convey the right tone, which is crucial for professional communication. 

  3. Templates and Snippets: Grammarly allows you to save and reuse templates and snippets for common responses, speeding up the email drafting process. 


  • Improved Efficiency: Grammarly’s real-time suggestions help you write emails faster and with greater confidence. 

  • Enhanced Quality: It ensures your emails are clear, concise, and professional, reducing the need for time-consuming revisions. 

  • Consistency: Using templates and snippets promotes consistency in your communication, which is particularly useful for recurring topics. 

Disadvantages and Considerations 

  • Subscription Cost: Grammarly’s premium features come at a cost, with pricing starting at $12/month. 

    • Privacy: A company policy or a service agreement may need updating to allow confidential business emails to be added into an external AI model.

  • Dependency: Over-reliance on Grammarly might hinder the development of your own writing skills over time.

Related Costs  (COSTS IN USD) 

  • Free Plan: Basic grammar and spelling checks. 

  • Premium Plan: $12/month (advanced suggestions, tone detection, and more) 

  • Business Plan: $15user/month (team management features) 

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Balancing the Benefits and Costs 

When considering the adoption of AI tools like SaneBox and Grammarly, it’s important to weigh the benefits against the costs and potential disadvantages. Here are a few points to keep in mind: 

  • Return on Investment: The time saved by using these tools can often justify the subscription costs, especially if it allows you to focus on higher-value tasks. 

  • Customisation and Adaptation: Both tools require some initial setup and adaptation to your specific needs. However, the long-term benefits of personalised AI assistance can be substantial. 

  • Privacy and Security: Ensure that any AI tool you use complies with your organisation’s privacy and security policies. Review the privacy policies of the tools to understand how your data is handled. 


Incorporating AI into your email management workflow can significantly reduce the time you spend on emails, allowing you to concentrate on complex tasks that drive your professional growth. Tools like SaneBox and Grammarly offer powerful solutions for filtering, prioritising, and drafting emails efficiently. While there are costs and learning curves associated with these tools, the potential for increased productivity and improved email quality makes them valuable additions to your digital toolkit. 

By leveraging AI-powered email management tools, you can achieve a better balance in your workday, dedicating more time to strategic initiatives and complex problem-solving. Whether you’re looking to declutter your inbox or enhance your email communication, AI offers practical solutions that can transform your daily workflow. 

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This post was created by Merridy Marshall and augmented with ChatGPT 4o