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Harnessing AI to Enhance Your Presentations

In today’s fast-paced office environments, efficiency and impact are key to successful presentations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers powerful tools that can help enhance your presentations, making them more engaging and professional.  In this post we are going to outline some ways you can leverage AI in your presentation creation. 

Many people start with a broad prompt (question/request) to an AI tool, e.g. “Create me a presentation about New Zealand”.  If you think of this request going to a human assistant, they might be able to create what you want with just this prompt, but its more likely with such limited detail and context that they might create something that is the wrong length, style, tone or content.  There are also several steps we do in order to create a presentation and you often get a more value output by assigning those bits to the right people. For example, research would be done by subject matter expert in the topic, a graphic designer would make the images, a communications expert creates the text and messaging, and a Powerpoint-confident person would populate the presentation.

The same is true when you are using an AI assistant.  If you break down the task you are asking it to complete and give it to a targeted/customised tool then you are more likely to get valuable results as they are trained to do that task well.

So lets bring this into the context of creating a presentation with AI assistance. Here are some task areas:

1. Research and content creation.

2. Design and visuals.

3. Speech preparation.

4. Rehearsal and feedback.

5. Real-time assistance.

Step 1: Research and Content Creation

AI-powered Research Tools

Use AI tools such as ChatGPT or other specialised research assistants to gather information quickly. Unlike a search engine that will provide search results in a list based on their algorithms, these tools can summarise articles, generate key points on specific topics, and even suggest the latest trends that you can include in your presentation.  You can have a “conversation” with the content until you are happy with it.

Content Generation

Struggling with writer’s block? AI can help generate content ideas or even draft sections of your presentation. Tools like Jasper or Writesonic can produce outlines, introductions, and conclusions that are tailored to your specified tone and audience.  ChatGPT and other models can be trained to “write like you”


Step 2: Design and Visuals

Automated Design Tools

Platforms like Canva, Powerpoint or Visme incorporate AI to suggest design templates based on your content type. Enter your text, and these tools can automatically suggest and apply designs that make your slides visually appealing.

AI Image Generators

Need custom images or graphics? AI image generators like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Adobe Firefly can create high-quality visuals based on textual descriptions you provide. Simply describe what you need, and these tools can generate unique images that fit your presentation’s theme perfectly.


Step 3: Speech Preparation

AI Speech Coaches

Tools like Orai or LikeSo can help refine your speaking skills by providing feedback on your pace, pronunciation, and use of filler words. Practice your speech using these apps to gain confidence and polish your delivery.

Prompt Crafting

AI can also assist in crafting engaging and clear prompts for your presentation. This ensures you stay on track and cover all critical points effectively.


Step 4: Rehearsal and Feedback

Virtual Rehearsals

Use VR platforms that simulate a virtual audience to practice your presentation. AI-driven feedback will analyse your performance and suggest areas for improvement, from body language to engagement techniques.

Feedback Systems

Implement AI tools that can provide real-time feedback on rehearsal sessions, helping you fine-tune both the content and delivery of your presentation.


Step 5: Real-Time Assistance

AI as a Co-Presenter

During your presentation, AI can serve as a virtual assistant to manage Q&A sessions, provide additional data instantly, and even translate your speech into other languages in real-time for diverse audiences.

Engagement Analytics

Post-presentation, use AI tools to analyse audience engagement and feedback. This data can help you understand which parts of your presentation were most effective and which areas could be improved.



Integrating AI into your presentation preparation process not only saves time but also enhances the quality and effectiveness of your output. As office workers, leveraging these AI tools can set you apart in your professional environment, ensuring your presentations are both impactful and memorable. Embrace AI technology and transform your presentation skills to excel in the modern workplace.

If you would like to find out more about how to help your team utilise AI to be more efficient and effective, drop us a line our team is keen to help.

This post was created by Merridy Marshall and augmented by ChatGPT 4.0.