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why Value 32?

"Building Digital Confidence Together"

Value 32: Bridging Purpose and Profit for Community Impact

Value 32 was founded four years ago with a mission to merge the best of both worlds: for-purpose and for-profit enterprises. This unique blend was designed to not only generate sustainable revenue but also to drive positive change within our communities. Our journey began with the integration of Community Tech and Robotics Roadshow, two pioneering social enterprises dedicated to enhancing digital competency and confidence.

Community Tech and Robotics Roadshow

These initiatives have been at the heart of our community engagement. Community Tech focuses on teaching coding and fostering diversity in the tech sector, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to build a future in technology. Robotics Roadshow takes this a step further by bringing hands-on robotics education to schools and community centers, sparking interest and excitement in young minds about the possibilities of technology.

Making a Difference Together

At Value 32, we believe in the power of collaboration and the impact we can achieve together. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: “We can make a difference together.” This belief drives every project we undertake and every partnership we form.

The 'One in Five' Practice

Our commitment to community involvement is embodied in our ‘One in Five’ practice. For every four hours of paid work, we dedicate one hour to volunteering in our local communities. This initiative ensures that our values are not just words but actions that create tangible benefits for those around us. By paying our skills and time forward, we continuously invest in the communities that support us.

Expanding into Digital and AI Tools Coaching

Two years ago, recognising the transformative potential of AI and digital tools, Value 32 expanded its services to include Digital and AI tools coaching. While AI has been around for some time, recent advancements have made these technologies more accessible than ever before. Our team was motivated to ensure that everyone—not just a select few—could benefit from these life-enhancing advancements. We aim to provide accessibility, competency, and confidence to all individuals in using AI and digital tools.

Our coaching focuses on not only providing access but also equipping individuals with the ability to make informed and safe decisions about the tools they use. We guide our clients on crucial considerations such as cost, potential for hallucinations, data usage, and privacy. Our goal is to empower individuals to confidently navigate the digital landscape, leveraging AI tools to enhance their personal and professional lives. We offer comprehensive learning, practical application support, and assistance with product development, ensuring our clients can harness the full potential of these technologies. By engaging with Value 32’s AI and Digital services, you are investing in a future where technology works for everyone, safely and effectively.

Join Us in Creating Value That Matters

Value 32’s story is one of passion, purpose, and partnership. Our solid track record in delivering meaningful value and our deep-rooted involvement in the community make us a trusted partner for clients seeking not just business solutions but also a positive social impact. We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the unique value we offer. Together, we can create value that truly matters.