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Discover powerful AI tools and techniques that revolutionise your study habits, ensuring you study smarter and excel academically. Read more

Transform your teaching with our “AI for Teachers” course, where you’ll learn to integrate AI tools into your classroom to enhance learning and personalise education. Read more

Discover how AI can revolutionise your content across platforms, from initial drafts to precise refinements, and learn to harness AI-driven feedback for clearer, more engaging communications. Read more

Dive deeper into AI with our “Customise Your Workflow with AI” workshop. This session is tailored for those looking to fine-tune their use of AI, focusing on crafting customised prompts for GPT models and exploring various integration options. Read more

Boost your career with our “Partner with AI to find your Dream Job” workshop. Learn to harness digital tools and AI for creating standout CVs and cover letters, effective job searching, and interview preparation. Read more

Spark creativity in young learners with our “Robotics & Coding Explorers” workshop, perfect for ages 5 to 12. This engaging 2-hour session introduces kids to robotics and coding through interactive and fun activities, nurturing problem-solving and teamwork skills. Read more

Kickstart your journey with our foundation workshop on AI. Learn the essentials of integrating tools like ChatGPT into your workflow, automating tasks, and generating new ideas. This beginner-friendly session will elevate your productivity and innovation skills, leveraging AI to transform your professional and personal life. Read more

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