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Learning Pathway: In Schools

Robotics and Coding Explorers

Join our “Robotics & Coding Explorers” workshop, specially designed for young minds aged 5 to 12. This 2-hour hands-on session introduces children to the fundamentals of robotics and coding in a dynamic and enjoyable setting. Participants will engage with interactive robots, learning to program them through simple, child-friendly coding activities. Our workshop encourages problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork as children build and command their own robots. Perfect for all skill levels, this workshop promises a blend of learning and fun, sparking a passion for technology that aims to inspire the innovators of tomorrow!

This workshop can be customised for specific age groups and to compliment other curriculum areas.  

COST:  $625 up to 30 students

DELIVERY: In Person(facilitated)

VENUE:  Hosted by school or community venue. 


Learning Outcomes

Understand Basic Robotics Concepts

Participants will learn essential robotics principles, including how robots sense, process, and respond to their environment.

Introduction to Coding

Children will gain foundational skills in coding, understanding sequences, loops, and simple algorithms to control their robots.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Through hands-on challenges, attendees will enhance their ability to think critically and solve problems creatively as they program and troubleshoot their robots.

Foster Creativity and Innovation

The workshop will encourage kids to use their imagination to design and build unique robotic solutions, promoting innovative thinking.

Enhance Teamwork and Communication

By working in small groups, participants will improve their collaboration and communication skills, learning to share ideas and work together towards common goals.

Build Confidence with Technology

The workshop aims to demystify technology, boosting confidence in young learners to explore and manipulate digital tools and concepts.