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Learning Pathway: In Schools

AI-Enhanced Study Skills

Unlock your academic potential with our “AI-Enhanced Study Skills” workshop! This 2-hour session is designed for high school, university, and adult learners who want to master the art of studying smarter, not harder. Discover how artificial intelligence can personalise your learning experience, streamline your study processes, and optimise information retention. Participants will explore AI tools that assist with note-taking, revision, and time management, enabling more effective and efficient study sessions. Whether you’re preparing for exams or managing complex projects, this workshop will equip you with the techniques to excel academically using the latest in AI technology. Join us to transform your study habits and achieve academic success.  

COST:  $140  per person, group discounts available.

DELIVERY: Online (facilitated) or In-person/online (facilitated private groups)


Learning Outcomes

Identify AI Tools for Effective Studying

Participants will be able to identify and understand various AI tools that are beneficial for academic success, including AI-driven note-taking apps, study planners, and revision aids.

Leverage AI for Personalised Learning

Learners will gain the ability to use AI to tailor their study habits and materials to their personal learning style and needs, enhancing understanding and retention.

Enhance Note-Taking and Information Organisation

Attendees will learn how to effectively use AI to capture, organise, and synthesise information from lectures, books, and other educational resources

Improve Time Management and Study Efficiency

Participants will develop skills to use AI applications that help manage study schedules, prioritise tasks, and optimise study time, leading to more productive learning sessions.

Boost Academic Confidence

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have increased confidence in their ability to use technology for academic enhancement, potentially leading to better grades and more efficient learning.

Apply AI for Exam Preparation 

Learners will be equipped with strategies to utilise AI tools for preparing for exams, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and application of study materials.