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Learning Pathway: Building Digital Confidence

Content Creation with AI

This workshop is delivered in two formats:

– Content Creation Showcase (Online)

–  Customised small group (Online or in-person)


Content Creation Showcase

Join our dynamic 2-hour online showcase, “Content Creation with AI,” designed to introduce you to the transformative power of AI in crafting compelling content. This session will cover a range of practical tips and demonstrate essential AI tools that can elevate your content creation process. Ideal for busy professionals, this concise workshop offers a comprehensive overview of how AI can streamline your writing, generate innovative ideas, and enhance your overall content strategy. You’ll leave equipped with actionable insights and techniques to immediately apply to your projects. Perfect for anyone looking to explore AI’s potential without a significant time commitment.

Learn to utilise AI not only for generating initial drafts but also for refining and editing content with precision. Gain insights into receiving instant AI-driven feedback to enhance clarity, engagement, and effectiveness. Join us to master these tools and streamline your creative process.

COST:  $150 per person, group discounts available.

DELIVERY: Online (facilitated) or in-person (private facilitated Groups)

DURATION:  2hrs 

Custom Small Group

Dive deeper into the world of AI-driven content creation in our immersive 4-hour workshop, available both online and in-person. Tailored for small groups, this session offers a hands-on approach, guiding participants through practical exercises and personalized examples that align with their specific contexts. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of advanced AI tools and techniques, learning how to seamlessly integrate them into your content workflow. This workshop emphasizes interactive learning and real-world application, ensuring you leave with the skills and confidence to enhance your content creation process. Ideal for teams looking to harness AI’s full potential and drive impactful results.

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DELIVERY: Online (facilitated) or in-person (private facilitated Groups)

DURATION:  4hrs  


Learning Outcomes

Understand AI Capabilities

Participants will gain a foundational understanding of AI technologies used in content creation, including their capabilities and limitations.

Generate Content with AI

Learn how to leverage AI tools to create initial drafts for website content, PowerPoint presentations, and other forms of digital communication efficiently.

Refine and Edit Using AI

Develop skills in utilising AI to refine and edit drafts, focusing on enhancing language, structure, and coherence to produce high-quality final products.

AI-Driven Feedback Integration

Master techniques to integrate AI-driven feedback mechanisms to improve clarity, engagement, and overall content effectiveness.

Streamline Content Production

Discover strategies to streamline the content creation process using AI, reducing time spent on manual tasks and focusing on creative aspects.

Practical Application and Best Practices

Engage in hands-on activities to apply AI tools in real-world content creation scenarios and learn best practices for maintaining ethical standards and authenticity in AI-assisted outputs.